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I find it humorous that I was asked to take some photos of ‘common floor problems’ and when I took this one, I actually liked it.  That is, of course, a scuff on a finished floor.  The goal was to show that with the finish down, the scuff is easily removable.  Working for a company that manufactures floor finish and cleaning chemicals, you’d think I’d be bored with this sort of stuff, but actually I found it somewhat artistic – in a geeky sort of way.

The picture below is of another door, I don’t remember the ‘problem’ we were trying to photograph, but I figured if I passed out, came to, and looked up – this is what I might see.


Angel of Peace meets Obama-mania…

Mexico City Bus Stop

Bus stop, waiting on the tour bus of Mexico City.  Processed HDR – reduced saturation to keep the colors normal.

Time to leave Mexico City.  Our final evening in the city we took the tour bus around the city and had a great dinner in the southern part of the city.

Angel of Peace

The above image is of the Angel of Peace – what may be the most recognized symbol in Mexico City.

Processed HDR.

Below are a few Obamanians….. well, not really.  This crowd was gathering and expressing that if the Mexican Government treated its own citizens as good as they treat Obama, it would be a great country.  It’s a very strange site to see hundreds of Obama’s dancing and waving in the city center.

Obama-Mania in Mexico City

Castillo de Chapultepec

The observation tower at the Castle at Chapultepec.

Taken autobracket +/-1, hdr processed, layered to reduce ghosting and noise reduction in Paint Shop Pro with median cut.

Return to Mexico City!


Ahhh.. Mexico City!  I loved you the first time, I love you again.  There is something so charming about this city.  It’s not the cleanest city in the world, and it has places I wouldn’t feel safe to visit, but when you walk about the city even the locals are friendly.  When you try to speak Espanol they will work with you to help get it right – and they’ll even try a little of their English with you.

I think it’s the ‘blue collar’ about the city I like so much and I don’t have to feel ashamed of being an American.

The above photo was from one of the many balconies at Chapultepec Castle – a wonderful castle that has served many purposes over the years but is now open for the people.  I’ll be uploading more pictures on Picasweb later this week.

This picture was taken with the autobrackets at +/-1 and HDR processed.  I love the color of the sky and it was a perfect day for it.

The image below is also from the castle and was amazing to see in person.  This photo does not do it justice!  When you walk into this corridor and see the wall of stained glass on a sunny day like today, it is awe inspiring how it fills the room with a great luminance.

Photo is HDR processed – slightly, only to get some of the colors to pop a bit but not the usual level of processing I do.

Chapultepec Castle

chapultepec stained glass

Sao Paulo – City View

Sao Paulo City View

I am so excited about this picture!  This is the first HDR processed image I’m so truly pleased with.  With only a couple of hours before having to leave for the airport, I decided to head to the top floor of the hotel and get a few shots of the city.  After all, all Sao Paulo is, well, is a city!  A great big city.

Taken autobracketed +/-1, processed in Photomatix and layered in Paint Shop Pro.