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Old Building in Phoenix…


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Barn Window Reworked…

I reworked this image a bit.  That darn gray sky in the upper left just bugged me – a common drawback when processing with HDR.

The rework including putting a new masked layer on top, tinted blue using a filter and then working the sky a bit to a blue I was pleased with.  I also reworked some of the framing around the window.  This is the first time I did specific sharpening in the image itself to enhance depth-of-field.  The image is a bit busy, but I really liked how the vines, and the details around the framing came to life with HDR.  Also, the timbers inside.  With a traditional single exposure image, these timbers would barely be visible.  By using HDR, this layer gives us a great perspective into the barn, standing just at the window’s edge.  One of my favorites so far in this series.



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Handsome young man… my son Aaron