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Ford Pickup Reworked

Just some rework done on the already familiar Chevy Impala Rim. I’ll be entering it into a photo contest soon.

Profile Pics…

November Special:  Get 5 profile pics for $25.  Customized profile pictures for use with facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo, GoogleBuzz and MySpace.

Includes Portrait or Square Thumbnail.  Custom framing, unique backdrops, will photograph on-site if needed.

Contact Us if interested.

Deep Gloss…

My day job includes training salespeople on the features, benefits, value and application of our products.  Most people walk on floors and never realize the level of effort and skill it takes to restore and maintain.  Floors in public areas are bombarded with foot traffic, carriages, carts and a whole host of other impacts.  The skill of creating a quality looking floor and keeping it that way requires significant training.

Most retailers, restaurants, hospitals and other public locations realize that clean and shiny floors and restrooms translate into customer satisfaction and increased revenue.  The investment to maintain a proper looking floor contributes directly the the facilities bottom line.

Terra cote floors are common in kitchens and restaurants.  While it’s not common (nor safe) to finish terra cote in kitchens, many locations have adopted this look which is made obvious by the square red clay tile and grout lines.  When this floor is not finished it has a very dull and flat appearance.  The floor above and below were some of the best demonstrations I’ve seen in my 17 years in this industry of establishing excellent gloss on terra cote.

Many floor finishes offer some gloss when applied,  but often this appears as a fuzzy or blurry shine.  One of the most desired results is something known as deep gloss, where at angles of 30, 60 or 90 degrees the reflection is clear.  The picture below, applied to VCT tile shows the level of clarity and deep gloss that can be obtained when skilled professionals not only apply floor finish properly, but also use the many techniques learned in training and in the field.  This picture is a great illustration of deep gloss where the reflection has excellent clarity.  VCT floors, when not finished, are flat and have little or no reflection to start with.