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Here are a few of my favorites from Disciple Now Conyers 2013.  Hello August led the worship and Wes Springer delivered the message.

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“Altar Call”

With over 1,000+ photos taken at this weekend’s Disciple Now Conyers 2013, it was difficult to keep up with taking, processing and posting the photos as quickly as possible.  Of the 1,000+ photos taken 110 were quick-processed and posted to Facebook.  Of those 110, one captured the scene, emotion and essence of the entire weekend.  This is the type of image photographers dream of, that one image that expresses a single moment.


Hello August led worship and Wes Springer delivered the message to over 300 students from in and around Rockdale County Georgia.  Watching these young men worship was awe inspiring.  During the final moments of Saturday night’s session, one scene began to emerge as a crowd formed around the stage just after the initial altar call.  What takes place in this image is dynamic and full of expression.  The faces, postures and reality of the moment, the greatness of God, was sealed in a single image.

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The image in its original form was rather unimpressive.  As I was processing images for that session, I was deleting more photos than keeping and this image was not enough of a standout to justify not hitting the delete button.  The color version was washed heavy in blue from the stage lighting creating an extremely saturated image.  The slow shutter speed permitted extreme motion blur in the images preceding and after, yet this one, for whatever reason, cemented itself.  Something inside me told me to keep pushing and see what can come from this image, there was simply too much going on to let it go.  After applying a filtered black and white process, it was obvious to me the potential.  Slight adjustments to the contrast and light balance revealed numerous telling features in the photo.  A final crop of 16:9 revealed the final product.  There, on stage, the lead singer from Hello August submits to the moment and the reaction of the crowd is evident.


Call me crazy, but I love to study this image over and over and every time I see something new.


“If it seems we are crazy, it is to bring glory to God. And if we are in our right minds, it is for your benefit.” – 2 Corinthians 5:13




It’s real easy to create beautiful images when the subjects are beautiful themselves.  Our latest project was with Laura.  Some of you might remember the photos we did of her older brother Paul.  As we continue to practice our three strobe lighting process and post-processing, we’re going for high-quality portraits with some dramatic flair.  We’re trying to avoid the classic school photo, but at the same time include some traditional looks as well as drama in a simple photo.

The goal with this first photo was to utilize an umbrella flash from the side with an overhead strobe.  Post processing included some depth-of-field adjustments and center lighting effect.

The above two images are identical save for filtered black an white processing and a little noise and contrast added to the lower photo for some dramatic effect.  The lighting set-up is the same as the first.

These final two images are also the same but for the filtered black and white.  The top photo included colored gels on a white backdrop to create some added flair.  The bottom of the two is sharply highlighted and contrasted for a washed look.