We are seeking volunteers with great ink on their bodies!


Starting in November we would like to complete a series of portraits of individuals with great tattoos / ink.  The portraits will focus primarily on the ink itself, but in many cases will be a portrait composition of the person wearing the ink.  In most cases the subject will be recognizable in the photograph, but in some (depending on where the ink is located) may not.  All ink/tattoos must be permanent.


The plan is to complete photographing by Christmas and have the final products ready for show in late January / early February.

About the process:

We have crafted a unique digital photography and post process that is conducive to highlighting tattoos and body art that combines HDR, tilt-shift and shallow depth-of-field, as well as proprietary post-process techniques.  The goal is to highlight the final product and create a photo series that tells a compelling story about body art and tattoos through a series of photographs.  Tentatively the project is called “Exposed Ink”, but subject to change.


Those wishing to participate and be photographed must realize this is about body art, and in some cases will require that the ink/tattoo be exposed.  While we are firmly entrenched against pornographic images, there may be some situations where models will be asked to adjust/remove clothing to better illuminate and highlight the body art.  Please keep this in mind when volunteering and dressing for your photo shoot.  We will work with each model specific to their comfort level.  We will work to keep all images in good taste, yet seeking a level of provocative that resonates through the entire photo series.  We are looking for both men and women to participate.

If you are concerned about security, models are welcome to bring a friend.  Please also note that both my wife and I will be present during all photo-shoots.


All models will be required to sign a model release acknowledging that the photographer (that’s me) retains all copyright to the images and may potentially profit from the work.  The only compensation we can offer in exchange for your time is an 8×10 print of the final product selected for the photo series.  We hope to have one image per model for the entire series.  We will also share low resolution copies of the digital images for personal use on social websites.

If you are interested in being a part of the project please email us a snapshot of your ink, your name, telephone and email address to:



We’ll reply with a model release form and further information to schedule your photo shoot.