This whole thing started as a hobby!

I’ve been tinkering with cameras and photography for over twenty years.  In 2009 I bought my first digital camera and since that time I’ve been on a mission to demystify photography and prove that even with the most basic equipment and a whole lot of practice, anyone can create great photos.

I hope I’ve been able to prove that.

We are Scott Comptois Photography, located in Conyers, Georgia.  What started as a hobby has transformed into a profitable business.  I’ll photograph pretty much anything except ‘baby bumps’, which is a concept that still baffles me.  Our specialties are smaller weddings, corporate events, senior portraits, family portraits and freelance news assignments.

Our philosophy is to create “Real Photos”.  These are photographs of people in their natural element and normal look.  I’m not a fan of dressing people up in clothes they wouldn’t normally wear, forcing them into poses they wouldn’t normally be in, and sporting smiles manufactured for just a moment.  To me your photographs are more sincere and relevant when they are the real you.

Scott Comptois Photography is a family operation.  Often my wife (whom I’ve fired twice), my son or my daughter will join me on photo shoots.  We operate on Christian principles giving back at least 10% of everything we earn to Christian organizations.  Our mission is to create affordable photos of real people that they will treasure for a lifetime.  We seek to not only take a great photo but to encapsulate a moment in time, an emotion, and a personality all in one image.

We will not compromise.  I make no claims to be the most talented or technically merited photographer.  There are many out there better than I will ever be.  What makes me different is my inability to settle on any photograph that doesn’t meet the high standards we’ve set for ourselves.  Even more, we say no to a number of photo-gigs simply because our name and reputation is on your photograph.

If you want a special, unique and dynamic image that you will enjoy for a lifetime, then you’ve come to the right place. Let us know what you have in mind, and we’ll do our best to over-deliver.

Contact us to learn more about what we have to offer.

Some Personal Stuff?

My guess is that if you are still reading, you’re still curious?  A little about me.  I live with my wife, daughter, son, two dogs and a cat in Conyers, Georgia.  We are members of Heritage Hills Baptist Church where I serve as deacon and Sunday School teacher for high-school boys.

Professionally I work for a global organization, specializing in training and development of sales professionals.

In our free time we enjoy being outdoors, camping, fishing, photographing and general familial-mayhem.  If you want to know anything else, then you’ll have to ask.