Early on urban and rural decay has fascinated me as a photo subject.  This collection includes visits to Danville, VA’s old tobacco sheds, the old Atlanta Prison Farm and a few other locations I like to frequent.  Most of these images are available for print order at our Store.  Click on any image to view a larger format.  Click Here to return to the Gallery entrance.


Taken in a small rural community in Georgia, this image of diamond steel shows the decay of an old mill part-way through demolition. HDR / High Dynamic Range


Photographed in Conyers, GA. This old barn window contrasts the impacts of decay on the exterior as well as the timeless quality of timber inside. HDR / High Dynamic Range


Part of the “This here is Danville” set, this tobacco shed is a slowly decaying remnant of the tobacco history in Danville, Virginia. HDR / High Dynamic Range


Another installment in the “This here is Danville” set, this image is another example of the many tobacco sheds dotting the community of Danville, Virginia. HDR / High Dynamic Range


Another installment in the “This here is Danville” set, this road to nowhere illustrates one of the many turn-offs from the main roads of Danville, Virginia that only the locals know of the destination.


Another in the series, “This here is Danville”, this image is of a home under a full moon. What can’t be easily seen are the deer in the brush watching me photograph the image in Danville, Virginia. HDR / High Dynamic Range


Taken at the old ruins near Arabia Mountain in Lithonia, Georgia, this image startled me as it was just a simple lighting check. Upon processing I noticed the colors and how the classic Georgia red clay interacted with the ruins being reclaimed by nature. HDR / High Dynamic Range


Taken during our first visit to the Atlanta Prison Farm, this image of the kitchen area may be one of the last since this part of the building is covered in plywood today. HDR / High Dynamic Range


Another from our first visit to the Atlanta Prison Farm, this corridor provided perspective of the ‘canvas’ utilized by local artists. HDR / High Dynamic Range


From the first visit to the Atlanta Prison Farm, this door was resting on the floor, slowly falling apart due to the elements. the crackled paint appealed to me and my attempt was to capture some of the fine detail. HDR / High Dynamic Range

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