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Full Throttle Pics has posted new photos from the Corvette Cruisers of Atlanta Field of Dreams in Conyers, Georgia held November 5, 2011.

Click here to see the blog post.

Photos from the Friday Night Lights Car Show by Younglife held at Heritage Hills Baptist Church last night are uploaded in a new scrapbook.  Click on the photo to see more.

More pics from the 2010 Conyers Car Show held May 1, 2010 in Olde Town Conyers, Georgia.

Coronet 440 – Processed HDR 5 image +/- 2 – Panasonic Lumix G1

Richard Burdette from Prism Racing with his Dodge Dart – Processed HDR – 7 frame auto bracket +/-  1 – Panasonic Lumix G1

Something old, something new.  The 2010 Conyers Car Show in Olde Town had everything for everyone from a classic Dodge Dart loaded with horsepower, to a tricked out Dodge Magmum fully loaded with Wii and more sound than any human should be exposed to.  Both offered ear blistering features from the Dart’s classic engine rumble, to the bass of the Magnum’s sound system.  Below are some shots taken with a Panasonic Lumix G1 with 7 frame autobracket set at +/- 1.  This is the first time I took 7 frame shots for HDR and I like the depth of the detail I got from them – especially from the first image of Richard Burdette standing with his Dart.

John from Finesse Custom Autoworks in Conyers Georgia – Dodge Magnum – Processed HDR – 7 frame auto bracket +/-  1 – Panasonic Lumix G1

To see more pictures of the 2010 Conyers Car Show visit the blog of Rebecca Cipolla Photography (www.conyers-photographer.com) and the work her husband Jonathan Cipolla did.