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We’ve been on a bit of a break, but glad to be back and at the photo gig again.  Today we had the chance to photograph a young and talented artist with a bright future.  Every Sunday we get to hear Danielle perform either in the youth praise band at church or on occasion in worship service.

We started with a few basic head shots.  For this pose we used a white paper backdrop and three strobes.  One strobe facing the backdrop with an organge gel, a second overhead with a diffuser and a third on an umbrella directly in front.

This image is the same as the first with black and white processing.  We also made some adjustment to the depth of field for some added focus on the subject.

This image utilized the same lighting as the first two, but the flash set facing the backdrop was turned around and created a vignette effect across the bottom of the image.  Post-processing included a bleach wash and some minor color adjustments.  The desired result was a more edgy photo with some added drama.

This image utilized two strobes.  One on the umbrella slightly off-set and another over the subject – creating some dramatic lighting and a simple yet refined image.  No post processing was done with this image.

These final two images are the same image with some different post-processing.  The one above utilized an umbrella mounted strobe set to the subject’s right and one overhead strobe with a diffuser.  We were trying to create the ‘on stage’ look one might see with Danielle performing.  The lighting was focused on her hand along the frets for effect.  The image below was processed black-and-white with some added tone adjustments.

The photo studio is up an running.  Here is a photo of my wife Heather, who was kind enough to pose for a few shots while I worked the kinks out the lighting.  ”Real Photos” is an effort to show people in their everyday real state, not a posed or fabricated event, but the randomness of everyday in how we present ourselves to those closest to us.

We need more models to help fill in our portfolio, if you would like a Real Photo, just contact us and we’ll schedule a time.




Real Photos

Real Photos ; that’s what I’m calling it.  The word “Portrait” has become a dirty word in the photography world.  It solicits images of families all dressed up in their best, kids with perfectly combed hair and photographers shooting standard poses with standard set-up.  I’d like to move away from that.

I was fortunate this week to finish a semi-pro, fully functional photo studio (on a budget) complete with lighting and backdrops.  My goal is to capture the images of people in their own reality; not some made-up scenario that doesn’t ever happen in a person’s or family’s life.  Real photos of the individual in their everyday attire.

This photo of me is how I look as casual me.  It’s not how I dress for work, but how I am around the house and running errands around town.  It’s how the people closest to me know me.  Some days I might wear a suit, others business casual, but that image is for the benefit of others and not for me.  This is a photo of the real me, flaws and all.

Comptois Photography is interested in capturing the real you.  We won’t even charge for the session.  We’ll even give you free digital copies to use on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, or wherever you are known in the virtual universe.  Our goal is to create a portfolio of real photos, without created backdrops or fancy poses – but for the focus of the image to be you.  Contact us if you want to be part of our venture and have the real you captured in a Real Photo.


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