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Skyline Flyer


Click Here to see more information on how to order your own Atlanta Skyline Series set of prints.

Hunter – Senior Portraits

20131010 Newman DEV-001

We are pleased to announce the selection of “Hello Atlanta” as a limited edition release scheduled for August 2013.  This release will be printed on 5×7 mounted to cardstock, cropped, lustre and linen finish, signed and numbered under series 001/5 of 5.  This release is part of the Free Art Friday Atlanta movement and will be ‘dropped’ in various locations in Atlanta for anyone seeking free art.  Follow us on Twitter @ScottOnAWire to see more details.  Follow the hashtag #FAFATL to see other artists active in the Free Art Friday Atlanta movement.

If you are not able to be a part of FAFATL, you can purchase 8×10 or 16×20 print versions in our Store under the category Urban.


Galleries are open!

After a lot of searching (both through content and the soul) I’ve finally completed my Gallery of Favorites.  This gallery is divided into several categories including Urban, Decay (Rural and Urban), Nature, People, Transportation and Miscellaneous.  So many people ask, “Can we see samples of your work?” and the blog is just too disorganized to answer this question, so the gallery is the answer.

Browse our gallery and stay tuned for the opening of our Store, which will allow you to order prints of your favorite images on-demand.

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It’s real easy to create beautiful images when the subjects are beautiful themselves.  Our latest project was with Laura.  Some of you might remember the photos we did of her older brother Paul.  As we continue to practice our three strobe lighting process and post-processing, we’re going for high-quality portraits with some dramatic flair.  We’re trying to avoid the classic school photo, but at the same time include some traditional looks as well as drama in a simple photo.

The goal with this first photo was to utilize an umbrella flash from the side with an overhead strobe.  Post processing included some depth-of-field adjustments and center lighting effect.

The above two images are identical save for filtered black an white processing and a little noise and contrast added to the lower photo for some dramatic effect.  The lighting set-up is the same as the first.

These final two images are also the same but for the filtered black and white.  The top photo included colored gels on a white backdrop to create some added flair.  The bottom of the two is sharply highlighted and contrasted for a washed look.