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Hunting Camp

Conan Tracking

Today I spent some time at a hunting camp doing some training with my black lab, Conan.  After Conan had enough for one day I took out my camera and snapped a few shots.

A Man and His Dog


Pine Row

Fungal Firewoood

Retired Tractor Parts

Full Throttle Pics has posted new photos from the Corvette Cruisers of Atlanta Field of Dreams in Conyers, Georgia held November 5, 2011.

Click here to see the blog post.

Saturday I ventured out for a photo-venture.  It felt good to get out.  I’ve been so busy with classes, work and church it was a real blessing to hop in the pick-up with my camera and search for something random to photograph.  I headed east of Atlanta on the country roads and hoped I’d stumble across an abandoned house or barn.  Passing through a country town that shall remain nameless, I spotted an old mill which had been converted to retail and eventually abandoned.  The building is partially torn down and may not have much of a future.

For this trip I only ventured around the outside of the building but did locate the owners for a follow-up shoot later in July.  I have other pictures posed on my flickr site, and have a lot more yet to process and will upload as soon as I can.  For now here are a few samples.

Pink Tire

Happy’s Hard Hat

Rusted Steel

Turner Field, Atlanta Georgia